We do tuning and repair on vintage machines.  

Even though these machines can be  40 to 80 years old they are still in use today and have a very strong following.  In fact a number of brands and models of older  mechanical machines  where built like tanks and as long as parts can be found they can operate like the day they were made.  One of the most popular machines out there is the Singer 221 / 222 featherweight. They are beautiful to look at and  when tuned properly operate like a charm. We can help bring your machine back to top functioning condition and give it the TLC it deserves. Give us a call.


We offer a case spruce up and reconditioning. See the photos of a recent reconditioning we did on a Singer 221 case in the link below.   Note that this service is not a restoration.  We do not replace any material or modify the case in any way unless the customer specifically asks.  This is to keep the integrity of the vintage 

Utilitarian Vintage Machines

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Case reconditioning

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A note about collector machines: There are three things that make machines valuable to collectors; condition, rarity, desirability.  Sometimes even nocking some rust off a machine can lower it's value.  If it is investment quality then keep it as is and enjoy it. 

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